What To Pack

Vaccination Records

Be sure your pet's vaccinations are up to date. Your vet can provide you with a copy of your pet's records, which you can give to us at Checkin. You can also have your vet email a copy in advance. Email to: boarding@houndhouse.ca

Special Food

If your pet is on a special diet, we will be happy to prepare his food. Be sure to pack enough individual servings for the entire visit - plus a little extra. Let us know if you have speical instructions, such as heating the food before serving.


If your pet needs medication, bring that along as well, with written instructions for administration. We can administer oral medications for you, but we do not administer any injectable medications, so please plan your schedule of visits so you can handle those yourself.

Collar and Leash

Please be sure your pet is wearing a collar and leash, or is in a carrier when you arrive. You will need these at arrival and departure.


You may bring toys from home. Please be aware that toys can get lost; make sure items are clearly marked or we are happy to mark them at check in.


You may bring treats from home. If you bring treats, be sure the container is clearly marked with your name and feeding instruction.

On your arrival, HoundHouse Resort will provide a dedicated storage bin for your pet to ensure all belongings are safe and excess-able.