Long Term Dog Boarding

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Your Problem

You need to be away from home, and you don’t have anyone to care for your dog the way you’d LIKE him/her to be cared for.

Our Solution



Away From Home

As we were building our dog boarding kennel, we incorporated numerous features which take into consideration all aspects of a dog’s comfort, safety and health. Many windows and skylights make the kennel bright and airy. Air conditioning and radiant floor heating throughout provide the ultimate in comfort and hygiene.

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Our spacious indoor/outdoor runs allow the dogs to have plenty of fresh air and exercise. The runs are designed with a solid half-wall both inside and out, which prevents cross-contamination between runs.

These dividers also enhance the dogs’ sense of security by controlling the stimulation they receive from others, discouraging fence fighting and bullying. Yet, because they are still able to see their neighbours both inside and out, the dogs never feel alone.

The outdoor runs at Houndhouse have a large roof overhang for added protection from the elements, but still receive lots of sunshine and air circulation to promote good health and well-being. The dogs are provided with direct access to their outdoor runs several times per day between 7 am and 10 pm.

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We recommend that you bring your dog’s own food to avoid digestive upsets while boarding at Houndhouse. If your pet requires medication/s, these will be administered free of charge. Please label all medications clearly!

You may bring your own blanket to put on our raised Kuranda beds, provided it can be easily washed if it becomes soiled. Please don’t bring anything too valuable, as it may get lost or damaged!

Long Term Dog Boarding

Question: If you were a dog, and had to be away from your family for a long period of time, where would you want to stay?

Answer: Well, if I were a dog, I’d want to be in the country, in a place that was built just for dogs. Where there’s lots of room to run, places to explore and bunnies to chase. Where people who understand me will care for me and keep me entertained. I’d want to feel safe, with my own space where my food, water and bed are kept just for me.

At Houndhouse, we are very proud of the record we have with long-term boarders – we haven’t had a single long-term stay turn out to be less than perfect. There are different challenges involved in boarding dogs for a longer term. To make it work, it takes dog know-how as well as an atmosphere that’s the right combination of stimulation and soothing.

Houndhouse, with its caring staff, securely fenced, twelve-plus acre exercise area and huge indoor-outdoor kennel runs equals really happy dogs. This makes their people happy despite having to leave their furry family members.

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When a dog arrives at Houndhouse, it’s a big part of our day. But when a dog is at Houndhouse for a long stay, it becomes a big part of our family. We spend a lot of time with your pet, and the bond that’s formed during long-term boarding makes for a bitter-sweet goodbye at the end of the stay. We are so very happy to see you reunited with your dog, but sad that our new friend is leaving, no longer to be part of our day.

We hope you choose Houndhouse for your long-term dog or cat boarding kennel. We are professionals, and your pet deserves that!


Special Note

Cancellation Policy

If you have made a reservation, you must give us five days notice of cancellation or you will be responsible for the boarding charges you have reserved for.

Required Deposit

A significant non-refundable deposit will be required for all reservations made to board your dog during peak times.

Aggressive Dogs

There will be an additional charge to board an aggressive dog. If your dog has any potential for aggression, you must arrange a trial overnight stay prior to your desired reservation. Any additional boarding charges based on aggression will be determined based on the outcome of the trial stay.

Right Of Refusal

Hound House reserves the right to refuse to board a problem dog.

Vaccinations, titres & general health requirements

We require current vaccinations for distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, bordetella (kennel cough) and rabies. Written proof (signed veterinary certificate or computer record/bill which includes vaccination and veterinary information) must be presented BEFORE admittance of any dog. To ensure optimal effectiveness, we recommend that all vaccinations be given a minimum of 12 days prior to boarding.

We do accept documentation of antibody titres showing protective levels in lieu of some vaccines. Titre testing (as an alternative to vaccination) is sometimes recommended for older dogs or those that are sensitive to being vaccinated. Please discuss these options with your veterinarian well in advance of your pet’s stay.

We also ask that you thoroughly inspect your dog for the presence of skin irritations, rashes, sores or fleas prior to your boarding reservation. That way, if you find a problem, it can be attended to by your veterinarian well before your arrival date. Once here, each dog is checked for the presence of external parasites. If your pet has fleas, he/she will not be admitted into kennel.

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