Bark Park

One of the things that separates Houndhouse from any other dog boarding kennel you may have used in the past is the main exercise area, the “Bark Park”. The map beside shows the system of trails through the open areas.

If you ask a dog what his favourite part of the day is, he’d probably say it’s going for a W-A-L-K. The Bark Park is the ultimate space for that W-A-L-K. It is maintained exclusively for use as a doggie wonderland, where dogs can be walked off-leash as long as they’ll come when called. If they won’t come when they’re called, or if they have health issues that aren’t compatible with an off-leash experience, we’ll happily walk them on leash.


The Bark Park

Consists of over twelve-plus acres that is completely fenced with five foot high wildlife fencing; over 5,000 feet of fencing was used in this one exercise area alone! The area includes different types of terrain, hills and lowlands.

There is a wooded area, and two meadows separated by planted cedars. Throughout the secure acres of this canine utopia are trails where we walk, run, play, hunt, chase, fetch, sniff, bond, get belly-rubs and form friendships. There is an old saying: “A tired dog is a happy dog.” Perhaps the reason that dogs are so happy boarding at Houndhouse is that we’re able to give them what they want and need: stimulation and a large, safe area to have a really good run.

The Bark Park trails are mown from spring through fall, and in the winter the trails are blown free of snow so our older or short-legged friends can still get out. We walk dogs 365 days a year, because dogs need a walk every day!

One walk is provided with the option of additional walks. The cost of each trip to the Bark Park is $6 for a single dog or $9 for two.

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